Children are exposed to high quality texts that stimulate quality responses to reading, high quality writing and purposeful speaking and listening opportunities.


Our curriculum ensures that all children have plenty of opportunities to write for different purposes. We encourage writing through all curriculum areas and use quality reading texts to model examples of good writing. Writing is taught through a number of different strategies. We believe that children need lots of rich speaking and drama activities to give them the imagination and the experiences that will equip them to become good writers.

As a school we have adopted “The Write Stuff” by Jane Constantine to bring clarity to the mechanics of writing.  “The Write Stuff” follows a method called “Sentence Stacking” which refers to the fact that sentences are stacked together and organised to engage children with short, intensive moments of learning that they can then immediately apply to their own writing.  An individual lesson is based on a sentence model, broken in to three chunks:

  1. Initiate section – a stimulus to capture the children’s imagination and set up a sentence.
  2. Model section – the teacher close models a sentence that outlines clear writing features and techniques.
  3. Enable section – the children write their sentence, following the model.

“The Write Stuff” also reinforces grammar through the use of:
The FANTASTICs which are an acronym that summarise the ideas of writing
The Grammar Rainbow is a classroom tool that enables the teacher to drive key grammar messages.
The BOOMTASTIC which helps children capture 10 ways of adding drama and poetic devices to writing in a vivid visual

STOP PRESS! Write Stuff during school lock down….

Find out just how we are continuing to use the Write Stuff approach whilst learning from home:

We will upload the collaborative story to our news section. Get writing Shoscombe!

Writing Cafe Powerpoint

Writing Cafe for parents.


As a school we use the Letters and Sounds approach to the early teaching of reading and phonics. Letters and Sounds is a phonics resource published by the Department for Education and Skills. It aims to build children’s speaking and listening skills in their own right as well as to prepare children for learning to read by developing their phonic knowledge and skills. Phonics is taught by phase rather than age across the school. This phonics programme is highly successful, very much enjoyed by the children and helps to encourage a love of books. Rapid phonics is delivered across the school as an intervention programme for those children not reaching age related expectations with phonics/reading. We also hold parent information and open classroom events so that they are able to support their children with the move towards reading.


Children progress through a highly structured programme and then move onto age appropriate spellings, using “No nonsense Spelling”.

Whole Class Reading

This year we have begun to move away from the carousel approach to guided reading where the children are split into ability groups and have focused reading lessons once/ twice a week in this group with a class teacher to a whole class model. The whole class model has had a huge impact on progress in reading in schools nationally. All children read the text together every day and then carry out differentiated tasks related to the book. RIC starters (see below) are used as the basis for the questions.

The Library

With support of FOSSA and the hard work of Mrs Harries our School Librarian and her two year 6 Library Assistants; we have developed a high quality library. The library is used throughout the day and the daily lunchtime club is very popular. It has helped develops the important habit of reading amongst our pupils. As well as having the library each class is developing a themed reading area.

We have produced these leaflets to help you support your child at home with English:


Year 1

Year 2

Year 3 and 4

Year 5 and 6

For further information please read the  National Curriculum English Programmes of Study.

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