Foreign Languages

Foreign Languages

Children in Key Stage 2 (Year 3 - Year 6) learn French as their foreign language.

Why do children at primary school learn a foreign language?

  1. ‘The younger the better’ –  children are intrinsically better language learners, and will become more proficient more quickly.
  2. In an increasingly globalised world  it is important to awaken children’s interests in other people and cultures at a time when they are open and receptive.

We teach French in a fun way, teaching children the key vocabulary they will need in order to have conversations in France with confidence.

What will your child learn in French?

To ensure children ‘catch up’ following the disruption of the Coronavirus pandemic our 2-year cycle has been revised to revisit any missed content. Units will start with recap and revision to ensure that children are secure in essential prior knowledge and skills before moving on.

Shoscombe French Progression Document.docx

National Curriculum Programme of Study – French


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