Beech: Year 3 and Year 4

Beech: Year 3 and Year 4

Welcome to Beech Class - Years 3 and 4. We are the amazing Beech Class taught by Miss Ryder and supported by Mrs Harries and Miss Isaac.

A New Year – A New Adventure – Year 3 and Year 4 here we come!!

Highlights of 2020-21 so far

What a wonderful start to the school year we have had in Beech Bubble. So many brilliant learning opportunities and enterprising experiences – it’s hard to pin down a favourite!

Check out the photo album below to see what we mean.

Welcome to Term 5

We are really looking forward to the summer term where we can take our learning journey outside. Let’s see what we have on offer.

We are looking forward to:

  • Learning about the water cycle, rivers and waterfalls

  • Creating our very own money containers in DT
  • Thinking about the positive and negative ways that humans change the environment in science
  • Diving into a literary adventure with our new Write Stuff book, ‘Stone Age Boy’
  • Exploring fractions and time in maths
  • Learning all about relationships in PSHE
  • Discovering all about the second coming (Kingdom of God) in RE
  • Exploring French culture
  • Learning all about coding in computing

We are eager to get started!

Don’t forget to check in occasionally to see the results of our hard work!

Jane, from Beechen Cliff School, taught Beech and Sycamore about orienteering this afternoon. The children built up their teamwork skills during warm up activities and basic map reading skills. They then worked as a group to find various posts around the school grounds. The children had great fun exploring maps and team building within the school grounds. Everybody gave a big thumbs up when they came in and can’t wait to do it again.

Welcome to Term 4

Well, this may not have been the start of the new year that we were all hoping for, but we keep shining Beech Class! That means we can get through this tricky time together. We are so proud of you all, adapting to the changes and demonstrating resilience towards your learning.

As always, we are really looking forward to developing our ‘Beech Team Spirit’ this term to further support our learning and growing together.  We can’t wait to build on our shared experiences to date.

This term we are looking forward to:

  • Exploring the world of Ancient Greece.
  • Discovering Ancient Greek Labyrinths in art.
  • Thinking about light and its connection to shadows
  • Diving into a literary adventure with our new Write Stuff book, ‘Theseus and the Minotaur’
  • Consolidating our multiplication and division skills.

Be sure to check in from time to time and follow our exciting journey!

NEWS FLASH!! We have been really excited to reconnect over the last two weeks and are looking forward to the next two weeks’ activities in the run-up to Easter.

Helping your child with reading

Reading isn’t really just one skill- it’s a whole collection of skills- that children must learn to become fluent and independent readers. When hearing your child read at home it is important that you share books together and talk about what they might be about, by looking at the front cover and illustrations. As well as asking their opinion of the story. These conversations help to give them a sense of what is inside the book before they start to read it and preparing them for some of the vocabulary they come across. This means you are setting your child up for success right from the start.

Identifying vocabulary your child does not know is essential to help them become fluent readers. If there are more than five words on a page, or in a passage, that your child is unable to identify they will not be able to comprehend the text. This means that the text is too difficult for them. Therefore, it is important to consider the vocabulary in a book and have discussions around this. Encourage your child to be independent by looking up the word in a dictionary, discuss what specific words mean, and relate them to real-life to build an understanding for your child. Thus, helping them to comprehend the text.

Model reading with your child or taking turns to read is great to build up confidence. For example, modelling a sentence that they may have misread is a good way to support this, and then ask your child to reread the passage ensuring they address what they have learnt.

Additionally, it is important that they read the punctuation, pausing where appropriate and adding expression. If your child has enjoyed a book, encourage them to recall what has happened so far, can they remember the key events. This helps showcase their understanding of what has been read.

Lastly, praise is crucial to foster a love of reading. Notice what your child has done well and tell them, often.

The video below shows how you can support your child at home when you listen to them read.

Supporting your child with reading


Children’s Mental Health Week

During  Children’s Mental Health Week at Shoscombe children explored the different ways in which they can express themselves and the creative ways to share their feelings, thoughts and ideas. Throughout the week, the children expressed themselves and explored why finding healthy ways to do this are so are important.

One activty KS2 pupils participated in was expressing their emotions and where in their bodies they react to feelings. The children drew an outline of their bodies and identified a range of emotions, and considered what elicits these feelings.

Children also celebrated kindness- as we all know, everyone can use more kindness in their lives. Children in KS2 created their own kindness posters. AHV thought of the quote below all by himself!  Even the smallest acts of kindness can change a life.  Here, the children expressed themselves through drawing and art.

Children also expressed themselves by making a Happiness Box. The children were asked to include all the things that make them feel happy and safe. They could then look at this when they are feeling scared or worried. The children in KS2 created wonderful Happiness Boxes.  They included items with careful consideration- what is important to them and makes them happy.


Term 1 – a look back

We are so proud of everyone and everything we have achieved in Term 1. We have learnt so much together. Here is a flavour of what we did:

  • We learnt all about our skeletons and muscles and how they work together.


  • We shared and performed poetry through poet Joseph Coelho latest book during the Literature Festival.

  • We had ace fun designing and creating carrot cars to race together to develop new teamwork skills.

  • We worked our socks off to improve our knowledge of place value.
  • We have shown empathy for the world’s population by learning about the injustice of segregation and discussing our views and opinions to make a better world.

Check out our African masks …

Term 2 – a look back

  • Writing creative and informative diary entries.
  • Continuing to explore our four operations in maths and looking at the many ways we can apply them to our daily lives.
  • The intricacies of our digestive system and how it affects our body’s health.

  • Our chomping champions and the different roles each of them play.
  • What the Torah means to the Jewish community.

Christmas in Beech Class!

Welcome to our Christmas Grotto!

This year’s Christmas Arts Day theme was recycle and reuse. We created Christmas wreaths using recycled cardboard… many of us used them as Christmas hats!

In Beech Class, we recognise the importance of reading for pleasure. As part of our Christmas gift to the class, we created a book advent. Each child enjoyed unwrapping a book. Throughout the day, the children enjoy reading these books and sharing them with their friends.

Term 3- a look back

Exploring Ancient Greek Pottery



Ancient Greece Timelines


Categorising and comparing rocks


Retelling the story of Jesus in the Temple


Jesus healing on the Sabbath


Spellings will be sent home every Monday in your child’s reading record. Spelling tests will be carried out every Friday.


Weekly homework will consist of times tables, reading, and spellings. Instructions for this will be written in your child’s individual reading record every Monday.

Fortnightly, the children will be asked to complete a topic-based task. All children will be given a homework book, this is to be kept at home. This will be used to complete their topic-based task which we ask to be submitted electronically via Dojo.

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