Beech: Year 3 and Year 4

Beech: Year 3 and Year 4

Welcome to Beech Class - Years 3 and 4. Beech Class teacher is Miss Ryder.

Welcome back Beech Class.

It is so lovely having you all back in school!  We are incredibly impressed with how well you have settled into school life and the way in which you have adjusted to new routines.  Everyone has started the term in a positive way, showing resilience and determination to learn, which is truly inspiring.

During these first few days, we have discussed the return to school and shared some of our worries throughout our daily learning.  Beech Class have their very own worry monster through which they can privately share their concerns and anxieties. Many activities have been introduced to help reduce anxiety and focus on every child’s wellbeing.

The children have also been re-establishing their relationships with each other and welcoming new peers into our school community!

Throughout the term, we will build on these initial experiences to ensure a cohesive and positive learning environment for us all. This is paramount to Shoscombe School’s teaching practice and philosophy.

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In Beech Class, children enjoy taking part in our Pupil Voice teams, Year 3 and 4 children can join the EE team and The School Council.


As of Monday 14th September, spellings will be sent home every Monday in your child’s reading record. Spelling tests will be carried out every Friday in school.

WC 21.09.20 spellings. These spellings focus on the suffix ‘ly’.

quickly certain
luckily earth
gently minute
basically height
happily promise



Weekly homework will consist of times tables, reading, and spellings. Instructions for this will be written in your child’s individual reading record every Monday.

Fortnightly, the children will be asked to complete a topic-based task. All children will be given a homework book, this is to be kept at home. This will be used to complete their topic-based task which we ask to be submitted electronically via Dojo.

Beech Class Homework Grid Term 1.

Select an activity from the grid below and upload a photo of your completed task to Class Dojo on the following Friday mornings: 25/09/2009/10/2006/11/20.

Please ensure that your children practise times tables and spellings each week and read for 20 minutes 5 times a week. Your child will have a spelling test on a Friday morning.  The first spelling test will be on the Friday 18th September.

Write a diary entry to record Rosa Park’s thoughts following her arrest on 1st December 1955. Create a stained glass window for the school hall that reflects our six values. Take a nature walk and collect a variety of leaves.  Produce a classification grid to categorise your collection.
Design a poster to advertise the benefits of exercising and eating a healthy diet.


Research the slave trade in Bristol and write a fact sheet to reflect your findings (remember to use your own words rather than cutting and pasting from the web). Construct a set of top trump cards for African masks.
Create a word search to practise the spellings for 20 words from the Statutory Spelling List (you can find this on Beech Class web page).


Draw a skeleton of your favourite animal.  Add labels to identify each bone and include an explanation of the function of the skeleton. Design and build an obstacle course to promote healthy living.

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