Chestnut Classes: Year 1 and Year 2

Welcome to our Chestnut Class page! Year 1 (Horse Chestnut) is taught by Miss Arnold and Year 2 (Sweet Chestnut) is taught by Miss Bowen. Supporting the children across both Chestnut Classes are Mr Tuckey, Mrs Grundy and Miss Foster. Most afternoons, the children will be joined together to form a collective year 1/2 class.


Welcome to term 2 of the 2023-2024 school year! We are so excited for all of the fantastic learning coming up this term in the lead up to Christmas!

We have some fantastic and enriching learning coming up this year and cannot wait to share these experiences with the children.

Here at Shoscombe, we are passionate about making strong cross-curricular links across all of our subjects to allow for deeper understanding and better long term memory retention. Here is what we can look forward to learning in term 1:

  • In Year 2 English, we will be writing about the narrative ‘Leila in Saffron’ by Rukhsanna Guidroz which links to our Science learning this term which is focused on our senses. The children will experience some lovely Pakistani cooking to enhance their senses and encourage their writing! How exciting!
  • In Phonics, Year 1 children will be continuing to build on their previosu learning and learn new phase 5 sounds. Year 2 children will be continuing with the Jane Considine ‘Spelling Programme’.
  • In Maths, Horse Chestnut Class will be looking at place value within 10 where they will further embed their knowledge of numbers within 10. Year 2 children will be focusing on addition and subtraction of 2 two-digit numbers and then moving on to a unit of work on shape.
  • In Science, we are exploring our senses and we have lots of wonderful sensory activities planned!
  • In Geography, we are looking at doing mapping and fieldwork around the school. By the end of the term the children will have mapped the school and be able to plot different points using grid references.
  • In R.E, we will be thinking about what Christians believe about incarnation and the birth of Jesus.
  • In Art, we are developing drawing and painting skills with a focus on warm and cool colours. 
  • In Music, we will be exploring music related to the weather.
  • In P.E, we are doing dance this term focusing on movement both slow and quick.


In year 1, spellings are sent home every Friday via Dojo. Spelling tests will be carried out the following Thursday.

In year 2, spellings are taught and tested in school. Please continue to encourage your children to practice year 2 common exception words which were sent home as part of their homework menu.

Please do not hesitate to contact one of the Chestnut Class team if you are unaware which group your child is in.  Please ensure your child is practising their spellings every day.

Reading books

Please make sure reading books come into school every Friday alongside your child’s reading record. We will change your child’s book and send home a new one on this day. We encourage children to read their book many times to develop fluency in their reading. Each time your child reads please date the relevant box and add your signature, we do not require a comment each time.

Please ensure your child is reading for 20 minutes at least five times per week.


Each week, a summary of what children have been learning in their phonics lessons is uploaded onto dojo at the top of the week’s spelling list. This includes a list of new sounds learnt that week and any new common exception words.

Please support your child at home with their phonics learning. We also suggest using websites such as Phonics Play which are free to use and a quick way to access quality phonics resources online.


For Sweet Chestnut Class (Year 2): A homework grid will be sent home at the start of each term with possible activities that the children could be doing at home to support their learning in school. These activities relate to all areas of the curriculum. Please upload pictures to Class Dojo so we can celebrate their learning at home!!

Please note:

  • Both Chestnut Classes will have P.E every Friday this term. Please ensure that your child comes into school wearing their P.E kit and trainers.
  • Please make sure that children have a coat and waterproofs in school as we try to be outside as much as possible when the weather allows us to be!

Supporting your child with reading

Reading isn’t really just one skill- it’s a whole collection of skills- that children must learn to become fluent and independent readers. When hearing your child read at home it is important that you share books together and talk about what they might be about, by looking at the front cover and illustrations. As well as asking their opinion of the story. These conversations help to give them a sense of what is inside the book before they start to read it and preparing them for some of the vocabulary they come across. This means you are setting your child up for success right from the start.

Identifying vocabulary your child does not know is essential to help them become fluent readers. If there are more than five words on a page, or in a passage, that your child is unable to identify they will not be able to comprehend the text. This means that the text is too difficult for them. Therefore, it is important to consider the vocabulary in a book and have discussions around this. Encourage your child to be independent by looking up the word in a dictionary, discuss what specific words mean, and relate them to real-life to build an understanding for your child. Thus, helping them to comprehend the text.

Model reading with your child or taking turns to read is great to build up confidence. For example, modelling a sentence that they may have misread is a good way to support this, and then ask your child to reread the passage ensuring they address what they have learnt.

Additionally, it is important that they read the punctuation, pausing where appropriate and adding expression. If your child has enjoyed a book, encourage them to recall what has happened so far, can they remember the key events. This helps showcase their understanding of what has been read.

Lastly, praise is crucial to foster a love of reading. Notice what your child has done well and tell them, often.

Cycle A- Year 1/2- 2023-2024

Please see the following link for the Year 1 and 2 long term overview: Long Term Planning Chestnut 23-24.doc

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