Oak: Reception and Nursery

Oak: Reception and Nursery

Welcome to Oak Class - Reception and Nursery. Oak Class teacher is Mrs Wheeler.

Welcome to Oak Class. We would normally be playing and learning together in our wonderful classroom and outside learning environment.

We are really excited to be coming back to school in Term 6 and we will keep you updated through our Dojo class story about how this will work for your child.

To find out more about coming back to school please look at our home learning page.

Helpful links

While you are stuck at home you will find these links particularly useful:

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Home Learning Activity Ideas

Celebrating our home-based learning

Thank you for sharing all the wonderful things you are doing at home. We will update these photos regularly so keep them coming!

Our Write Stuff Story

Acorn 3s (Reception children) have been working really hard using the FANTASTICs from Write Stuff to create a story based on the Pixar film La Luna.  Each day we focus on one chunk of the film and write a sentence about it with a focus on a particular FANTASTIC lens (feelings, asking, noticing, touching, asking, smelling, tasting, imagining, checking).  Here is our story so far….

Chunk one – thank you to Ivy for her fantastic sentence in italics.

As the jet black sky melted into the horizon, a lonely boat drifted along the water.  The boy peered at the dark blue water and his papa rowed the boat.

Chunk two – thank you to Roman for his fantastic sentence in italics.

Suddenly, Luca’s grandpa gave him a present.  Luca opened the present, he put on the warm fluffy cap.  Papa and Grandpa were spinning Luca so much he was dizzy.

Chunk three – thank you to Sophia for her fantastic sentence in italics.

Whilst the boat was still, Luca imitated the actions of his Papa and Grandpa.  In the distance, Luca saw a light.  It was so bright Luca was mesmerised.  What was the bright light? he thought to himself.

Chunk four – thank you to Sam for his fantastic sentence in italics.

Papa stood up and handed Luca an anchor.  Out of nowhere Papa pulled a huge ladder, raising it into the sky.  Under the grip of Luca’s hand, the ladder felt firm.  He slowly climbed looking back to see Grandpa gesture go on.  He continued to the top.

Chunk five – thank you to Harry for his fantastic sentence in italics

He landed with a bump!  Luca felt surprised and amazed at the stars sparkling all around him.  They were so bright!  Papa told Luca to fix the anchor into a crater.

Chunk six – thank you to Elspeth for her fantastic sentence in italics

Papa and Luck climbed the ladder and called to Luca.  He darted off with a hop, skip and a jump to see what Papa wanted.  He and Grandpa argued over which brush Luca should use.

Chunk seven – thank you to Rowan for her fantastic sentence in italics

In the blink of an eye the moon began to shake. Luca felt fearful.  Suddenly, a huge star fell from the sky and landed with a bump.  The three of them tried to push it, they tried to move it, but it didn’t budge.  Luca touched it and it glistened.

Chunk eight – thank you to Chloe for her fantastic sentence in italics

He had an idea, he went and grabbed something and went back to the huge star.  He scaled the huge star and hit it with a hammer and watched as it sprinkled into little stars.  They all helped tidy away.

Chunk nine – thank you to Mason for his fantastic sentence in italics

As the job came to an end, Luca, Papa and Grandpa returned to the boat, thrilled with the work they had done.

All about Oak Class

Purposeful play is at the heart of our unit.  Friendships are formed and basic skills are learned through play based activities and social skills are developed at every opportunity.  We welcome each child as an individual and look forward to celebrating their successes and achievements whilst working with families to help them meet their full potential.

In Oak Class we have reception and nursery aged children creating a wonderful Early Years Unit.  The age groups are named as the following:

Children who turn 3 from September onwards, who won’t start reception until 2021, are known as Acorn 1s.

Children who are pre-school age and will be starting school in September 2020, are known as Acorn 2s.

Children who are in reception this year, are known as Acorn 3s.

Acorns 1 and 2

Nursery children can begin in Oak Class when they are 3. The sessions available are:


9-1pm (this includes lunch time)



Children receive Early Years Entitlement Funding (15 hours per week) the term after their 3rd birthday.  Children may also be entitled to 30 hours funding.  If children are not in receipt of funding the hourly rate is £5 per hour.  More information about funding can be found here: BANES Funded Childcare for 3 and 4 year olds. 

Children can attend our breakfast club (£2.50), this is available Monday and Friday from 7.45am.  If your child is staying for lunch you can order a cooked lunch at a cost of £2.80 or they can bring a packed lunch.  A morning snack is provided.

To ensure a smooth transition all children have settling-in sessions, these will be discussed once confirmation has been given that your child has a space within the nursery.  To come and visit us at the school please contact the school office to book an appointment.

Our Curriculum in Oak Class

Our curriculum is based on the interests of children and relevant events and occasions, through planned, purposeful play and through a mix of adult-led and child initiated activity.  Whilst learning, children are encouraged to access all areas available to them throughout the day – the classroom and the two wonderful free-flow outdoor spaces.  Forest school takes place one afternoon per week.

Al children in Oak Class follow The Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage – a stage that caters for all children under 5 years of age.  Learning and development is categorised into the following areas of learning:

Prime areas of learning:  Personal, Social and Emotional Development; Communication and Language; Physical Development.

Specific areas of learning:  Literacy; Mathematics; Understanding the World; Expressive Arts and Design.

Achievements of these areas of learning is through the characteristics of effective learning:  Playing and Exploring; Active Learning; Creating and Thinking Critically.

More information about the Early Years Foundation Stage can be obtained here:

EYFS Parents Guide 

Early Years Outcomes 

What to expect, when?

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