Key Stage Assessment Results

Key Stage Assessment Results

Every year we publish our end of Key Stage assessment results.

Assessment Results 2018

% of children attaining the expected level for their age (EXS) or exceeding this level (GDS)

Early Years (Reception)

School 2018 teacher assessments National Average 2018
% achieving Good Level of Development (GLD) 79% 71.5%


School 2018 teacher assessments National Average 2018
Year 1 85% 82.5%
Year 2 40% 60.8%


Key Stage 1 (year 2)

  School 2018 teacher assessments National Average 2018
Writing 43% EXS

0% GDS

69.9% EXS

15.9% GDS

Reading 50% EXS

21% GDS

75.4% EXS

25.6% GDS

Mathematics 64% EXS

7% GDS

76.1% EXS

21.8% GDS

Key Stage 2 (year 6)

  School 2018 test results School 2018 teacher Assessment National average 2018
Writing N/A 87% EXS

7% GDS

78% EXS

19.9% GDS

Grammar, punctuation and spelling 60% EXS

0% GDS

N/A 77.6% EXS

34.4% GDS

Reading 60% EXS

13% GDS

87% 75.3% EXS

28.1% GDS

Mathematics 40% EXS

0% GDS

73% 75.6% EXS

23.6% GDS

Key Stage 2 progress measures

Writing: 0.3 (average), Reading: -2.1 (average), Mathematics: -5.5 (below average)

Key Stage 2 average scaled scores

Reading: 102.7, Maths: 98.7, Spelling, punctuation and grammar: 101.6

Results from Previous Years

As each year we have very small cohorts of children taking statutory assessments, it is always helpful to look at trends and averages over a number of years. Compare school data on the DFE School Performance site.

The three-year trend in Key Stage 2

School National
Pupils meeting expected standard in reading, writing and maths 67% 60%
Pupils achieving at higher standard in reading, writing and maths 0% 8%
Average score in reading 108 104
Average score in maths 104 104


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