Sycamore: Year 5 and Year 6

Sycamore: Year 5 and Year 6

Sycamore Class : Year 5 and Year 6.

Mrs Pudsey together with Mrs Adam, Mrs Horn and Mr Tuckey are the Sycamore team.

We are so pleased to be back in school and more ‘normal’! We are all looking forward to a FULL year in school, packed with learning adventures and experiences.

We have embraced our ‘bonding’ week with a day out, walking all the way to Wellow and back! 11km in total. The class demonstrated all our school values along the way and impressed all the adults with their team spirit and camaraderie.

We have spent time this week learning new routines, and ensuring we know who to go to for help and knowing that in order to be brilliant learners we need to make mistakes and have a go.


As on Monday 13th September, spellings will be sent home every Monday in your child’s reading record. There will be a test on these words the following Monday. This year as well as testing the spelling of the word we are expecting the children to be able to use the word correctly in a sentence in the test to show that they have a true understanding of not only the spelling but the context in which the words should be used.

Please support your child in this process by encouraging them to practice every day.

Reading books

Please ensure your child brings their reading book and the reading record into school every day. We want to establish a lifelong love of books and reading and so if we have time we will encourage the children to read to themselves and enjoy their book.

Please sign the reading record when you know that your child has been reading at home and support them further by hearing them read as much as possible.


On 13th September your child will come home with a homework exercise book and a topic grid with a range of activities linked to our various subjects at school. They can choose 1 option per fortnight to complete in their books. Please then upload a photo of the completed task via dojo to their portfolio on the dates specified.


Helping your child with reading

As the children have mastered the skills of phonetically decoding words and are reading with more fluency there are still skills that the children must learn and build in order to become truly fluent. When hearing your child read at home it is important that they read the punctuation ; pausing where appropriate or adding emphasis and expression. Modelling a sentence that they may have misread is a good way to do this and then asking your child to reread the passage adding in what they have learnt.

We want to foster a love of reading as this will not only open up the world to them but is also key to helping them learn across all subjects as they move to secondary school.

The two films below show how it is possible to praise and guide your child at home when you hear them read.

Example  lesson : Reading with expression 

Example lesson : Reading the punctuation

Looking back at life in Sycamore Class last year…

Royal Society Young People’s Book Prize

We are lucky to have been chosen as part of a selection panel for the Royal Society Young People’s Book prize.

The competition aims to promote literacy in young people and to inspire them to read about science. It also supports the writing of excellent, accessible STEM books for under-14s. The Prize is unique in that the winner is selected by judging panels made up of young people at schools across the country from a shortlist curated by an adult judging panel. We have a judging panel who each week are scrutinising a different book together with  13,000   other primary children across the UK.

We are comparing and judging 6 books. In recognition of the hard work our pupils will have put into selecting an over winner, we are allowed to keep the books.


SARI Zoom Visit

Sycamore class had a lesson via Zoom from the charity SARI (Stand against Racism and Inequality). It focussed on the movement of people around the world through history, together with the many different reasons for migration. The talk linked closely to our work in Sycamore  on WW2, the persecution of Jews and evacuation of Jewish children from Germany as well as our work on the Windrush.

A very thought provoking activity required  the children to choose  5 ‘things’ they‘d pick to migrate with and then having 4 of them removed for various reasons…..It brought home to them  the reality of starting life in a new country with close to nothing.


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