Whole School Story Writing: La Luna

We are so incredibly proud of everyone. The sentences for each chunk of the film are being reviewed by Mrs Rorison to stitch into a whole school story, one paragraph a day.

Here is the story so far….

Chunk 1

Thank you to: Ollie Hall-Davies  – Year 6, Izzy  Ford – Year 5 Devlyn Pitney Year 3, Bella While Year 3, Levi Plummer Year 2 Noah Davis Samways

As the starry black sky disappeared into the sapphire blue sea, a small wooden boat called La Luna drifted across the ocean. Gazing over the edge of the boat a youthful child named Luca sat perched between two men of different generations. His Papa was tall with a moustache and his Grandpa was short with a shaggy beard. Papa was rowing the boat with his strong arms. They were alone. Not a soul in sight. A little lamp glowed in the night to light their way. They brought the floating vessel to a halt. The old man dropped the anchor into the deep. They had reached their destination.

Chunk 2

Thank you to: Loula Jones Year 6, Hannah  Adams Year 5, Kasper Breadmore Year 4,Vinnie Taylor Year 3, Arlo Marshall Year 2, Alexandra Young Year 1,

Grandpa let out a giggle as he handed Luca a beautifully wrapped present. With overwhelming excitement, Luca thought, what could possibly be inside? He reached down with his quivering hands, gently pulling the fine silk ribbon and placing his hands inside. The gleeful boy looked up at his Papa with wide questioning eyes. “Is this really for me?” the big man nodded in reply. As Luca pulled the silky string of the blue and white package out popped a wonderful new soft brown cap. He put it on his head. It felt comfy. Immediately his Grandpa spun the small boy around and pulled the cap up towards the brightly lit moon. Before Luca knew what was happening, his Papa turned him around and pulled the cap down over his button shaped nose. Back and forth, back and forth, Luca was spun with his cap being pulled up and down. Does my cap have to be like that? thought the dizzy confused boy. Does it matter how I wear it?

Chunk 3

Thank you to Rhys Horn , Willow Pitney, Lily Sharples , Oscar Taylor , Idris Angell , Roman Breadmore, Finley Smith 

Luca waited patiently in the creaky boat as the water gently splashed against it. Grandpa flicked off the lamp, then the two men sat defiantly with their arms crossed like toddlers. The boy looked confused and saddened, as if it was his fault that the two men were so angry. He watched as Papa wiped his bushy moustache with his finger. Luca wanted to be grown up like his Papa, so he did the same, hoping this would make him smile. He gazed at Grandpa twizzling his finger in his ear with a squeaking sound. Then he cheekily imitated him, also hoping to make Grandpa smile. But he did not smile either. Luca felt unsure, worried and nervous. The three then grinned. The tension cracked. Luca relaxed. In that instant, a bright light started to rise from the horizon. Luca’s mouth dropped open as he gazed at the enormous moon rising from behind the never-ending ocean. He thought, wow! What a marvellous, magnificent, extraordinary moon.

Chunk 4

Thank you to Timmy Adam -year 6, Honey Ball (Year5), Cerys Davis Samways (Year 4), Willow Hillier (Year 3) Ffion Turner (Year 3) Sofia (Year 2), Jessica Freear (Y1, Wilf Turner(Y1)

Luca didn’t have time to gaze at the dazzling moon, as it shone in the night’s sky, before Papa dropped the cold, heavy anchor into his arms. The boy was about to drop it over the edge when Grandpa stopped him, by waving his finger and tutting. Luca spun round and saw Papa grabbing a giant wooden ladder. The long wooden ladder was being pulled out of the boat higher and higher, towards the glistening moon. How can a ladder so big fit in our small board? thought wide eyed Luca, What do we need it for? Papa beckoned, the small confused boy looked back at him. Starring up at the ladder Luca thought, Am I going to go all the way up there? He must have felt very nervous. Papa signalled to Luca to climb up the ladder. He wasn’t so sure at first but with some encouragement he started on his adventure. The ladder felt smooth and rough. He looked back down at Grandpa and then carried on his journey up. The mystical moon was so beautiful that it distracted Luca from how high he was, he liked the reassurance he got from the bright light. Again Luca looked back at the two men, they were now like tiny dots. He got to the top, the light had guided him all the way. He was astonished. As he gazed at the wonderful moon, his mouth fell open.

Chunk 5

Thank you to Byron Wright (year 6) Cypress Hughes (year 5) Betty Smisson (Year 4), Hettie Craddock (Year 3), Scarlett Wilson (Year 2), Matthew Jones (Year 2), Jacob Payton (Year 1)

Before he could enjoy the view, he started floating up to the moon like a swimming fish. His hat started to come off as he rose upside down.  He grabbed the cap before he lost it. The boy had not a clue what had happened … he couldn’t control his fate. Luca landed with a thud, he couldn’t believe his eyes.  The boy opened his mouth with surprise.  The moon was coated in beautiful stars. All of a sudden a shooting star shot out of nowhere and crashed straight into a pile of stars, the sparkles almost blinded him, they were as bright as the sun. In a second he reached out and excitedly touched the rock it sent out a shimmering golden light. Luca looked around in excitement at the bright stars. Papa Shouted up to him, “Luca put the heavy anchor in a crater!” The boat started to rocking as Papa climbed the Ladder and Grandpa followed. A star shot across the sky It had a beautiful sparkly trail of blue star dust behind it and shimmered when it hit the surface and landed on the moon with a ding. Quickly, dodging the stars, Luca rushed up to the star and nervously tapped it, it sprung to life and vibrated. A sparkling light ran across it. A little smile travelled across his face.

Chunk 6

Ben Wainwright (Year 6), Tilly While (Year 5) ,Charlie Craddock (Year 4), Malachi Barton (Year 4), Ailana Jones (Year 3), Archie Holland-Vince (Year 2) Clara Craddock (Year 1), Olive Smith (Year 1)

Luca stealthily dashed to the star, like a cat moving across golden lit roof tops, dodging glass like stars, desperately trying not to step on them. His small brown hat bobbed up and down on his head. He reached his family, who were standing next to a dull wooden shed. His Papa brought out an old, battered, metal wheelbarrow. Papa started brushing the stars with a sturdy brush while Grandpa swept them with an ancient broom. Luca jumped onto the wheelbarrow full of tools but Papa stopped him with his hand. What am I meant to use? thought Luca. He stuck his little head into the huge wheel barrow and grabbed a rake.  “Why do you use that tool, it’s useless?” Luca’s father snarled. Luca stood staring wide-eyed at Papa.

 “You need to use the best!” Papa then demonstrated how to brush the golden stars away and then he handed the brush to Luca. “No, no, no,” Grandpa wheezed, “You my little fella need to do it the good old-fashioned way!”

Grandpa demonstrated carefully sweeping the stars to one side then he handed Luca the brush. “Why do you have to sweep it the way you swept when you were 17?” Papa yelled. “Why do you change your ways with fashion?” Grandpa retorted. 

“I like to keep up with the times!” Papa yelled back. The two men were fighting again. Will they ever stop? Luca thought while looking first at Papa, then at Grandpa. They argued and argued until they were finally interrupted by the small boy. He held up the broom to cover Grandpa’s beard. It was a perfect fit! Luca smiled. He held up the brush to Papas moustache. Again, it was a perfect fit! Luca couldn’t help giggling. The bad tempered men were unaware of how funny they now looked.

Chunk 7

Thank you to Rhys Horn (Year 6), Cypress Hughes (Year 5), George Chandler (Year 4), Roxy Sharland-Edwards (Year 4) Oakley Hughes (Year 2), Finley Smith (Year 1), Evie Ross (Year 1).

The moon started to rattle and quake, the star shaped pebbles quivered as though there was an earthquake. Then out of nowhere a bright streaming blue light flew through the atmosphere, it was a cartwheeling star heading their way. It crash landed on the moon’s surface. They all ran for their lives, Luca was petrified, he could feel his heart thumping so hard he thought his chest would burst open. The trio sprinted as quick as a flash, they threw themselves into a crater that was full to the brim with stars to keep cover. The trio held on to each other so tight until all seemed quiet and the shaking had settled. Questioning what had made the moon quake Luca popped his head up from the crater. They all gasped with wonder, Grandpa scratched his head bewildered. A golden, glowing, super colossal star stuck deep into the ground. It was as big as two buses and one elephant! They were unsure where the star had come from. The two men steadily strode over towards the star and Grandpa and papa attempted to budge the star they heaved and pulled and kicked at the star but it didn’t budge. They started bickering.  Luca went up to the golden star with excitement. He nervously touched it. He softly tapped it. The star glowed golden for a second and then a ripple passed through it from the bottom to the top just like a stone skimming the water.

Chunk 8

Thank you to Sophia H (Y6), Ollie (Y6), Matilde (Y4), Phoebe G (Y3) Noah (Y2), David (Y1), Roman (Y1)

Lucas peered up at the shimmering star. He touched it lightly with his fingers, then he tapped the star firmly with the back of his hand. Lucas had an unbeatable idea. Without Knowing if his plan would work. He ran to the rusty old barrow lifting his full weight onto the edge of the tool barrel he rummaged inside and selected a small hammer. He stopped on the way back to the star and turned his cap around; he felt brave as he started again towards the star with a look of determination on his face. Then as Luca clambered up the star Papa and Grampa stopped arguing and stared at Luca in astonishment. Once at the top he sat side saddle on the star he paused. He stroked it.  Then hit the precise spot. In a blink of an eye it burst into thousands of mini stars. Lucas was sent flying as well, he floated through the air. Lucas rather enjoyed the ride. and Grandpa and Papa raised their eyebrows in amazement and looked on with wonder at what they were seeing. They were worried that Luca might hurt himself as he fell with the stars. The adventurers where showered unexpectedly in a carpet of golden stars. Luca was laughing when the two men discovered him amongst the stars and they were relieved. The explores snickered together. All three then swept and raked the stars.

Thank you to Luca, Kasper Breadmore, Bella, Ailana, Antonia, Sofia B, William G

Chunk 9

Luca helped rake the stars alongside his family but Luca didn’t have a broom or a brush instead he had his very own tool of choice, a little blue rake. Luca was happy he was working side by side with his Papa and Grandad. Time passed and their job was done. The child couldn’t wait to see what they had done to the moon. After finishing their work, they carefully climbed back down the long ladder. The three generations were now all back on the boat, Papa gave the rope a firm yank to haul in the freezing anchor. It plonked into the water. They pulled it up. Happy with his work the boy got the recognition he deserved from his elders. Grandpa gave him a proud pat on the back and Papa warmly rubbed his head passionately saying, “Well done my boy we are so proud of you.” He smiled at both his relatives. Feeling pleased with himself now he was part of a team. With their work complete they all looked up into the sky to see their efforts shining back at them in the most beautiful way. They had changed the shape of the moon. Luca carried on staring in wonder as he felt part of his family. As La Luna bobbed across the inky water the three passengers gazed up at their creation. Their work was done… for now.

Reception children from Oak Class are creating their own fantastic story.  You can read the story they have created so far over on their class page.

Follow this link if you would like to watch this wonderful film

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