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Thank you to Hannah, Charlie C, George C, Oakley Hughes, Bailey H

Crash! Clink! Chink! Esther rummaged through the rubbish dump sorting through treasure she might need. Delicately she studied every object choosing the right things for her little assortment of cherished possessions before chucking them over her shoulder to join the other broken,invaluable and unloved junk. The lively, busy but frail lady picked up a broken (and useless to some) umbrella, she popped it open and she peered through the holes smiling through the gaps. Suddenly she spotted another piece of treasure out of the corner of her eye… it was cool. She wheeled her ancient trolley over to old and rusty cans where she picked up the most holey tin and placed it in her trolley. It was her second prize of the day. 

Thank you to Luca, Kasper, Hettie, William T, Brooke and Archie V H. 

Scrambling along with her trembling, threadbare trolley across the dirty dump. She peeped in a little hole of a metal box searching for something special. She found some things that made her feel sick, they smelt like old food that had been in the bin. Esther continued searching and stumbled across her third find of the day. With an effervescent heart she lifted out a badly broken mobile. It made her joyful to find such amazing treasure.

Thank you to Phoebe H, Kasper, Roxy, Betty, Arlo, Idris 

Still not fully satisfied with her haul that day, Esther felt the need to carry on exploring the muddied mountains to find more prizes. Esther inspected the disorganized mounds, scavenged below the hazardous heaps and searched high and low round every corner and down every slope. Esther peered over the volcanic hills of rubbish, searching through boxes and bags like a dog looking for a treat. She climbed around the towering piles similar to a mountaineer scaling Everest. Esther searched and hunted until at last she spotted something amazing! 

Thank you to Bella, Noah, Tilly, Sofia B, Cerys, Matthew, Kianna 

From the top of the black hill, Esther looked around and stopped to gaze at a badly wrecked car.  She darted to the bottom of the hill so fast – it nearly blew her socks off! Esther pushed her clattering trolley over the clinking junk. She abandoned her trolley as she clambered into the rusty, broken down vehicle and snuggled into the seat of the old car.  The old lady twisted the metal steering wheel, which was covered in rust, round and round; it didn’t come off. Suddenly she smelled a sweet smell.  Reaching forward, she drew the source of the scent closer, breathing in the sweet perfume. She held it tightly to her nose, a dusty cinnamon perfume tickled her nostrils. The aroma was nearly defeated by the smell of petrol, rust and rubbish, but she closed her eyes to block out the world around her.  Esther leaned back and melted into the cosy seat.

Thank you to Cypress, Phoebe G, Antonia, Oakley Hogan, Clara and Scarlett. 

As Esther leant back in the seat she was startled by an unfamiliar sound. She glanced around and was shocked to discover a box, it was smooth, damp, cold and beautiful. Esther lovingly stroked the intricate box, tracing the pleasant patterns that had been flattened over the years. Esther opened it up. It started to play music. Amongst the dirt lay a diamond ring at its heart, it glistened like dew on the grass. The ring’s heart was pounding with happiness, it was free. Esther was going to treasure it forever.

Thank you to Honey, Lily, Phoebe R, Willow, Oscar, Piper, and Ed. 

Esther was feeling exhausted now her non-stop search was finally complete, she had never before uncovered such sparking treasures. What a good day of rummaging it was. As Esther watched the sun set and saw the moon come up like a wave in the dark sparkly night, she felt calm. In the reassuring warmth of her house, Esther snuggled up under her cozy tent like a purring cat. She drifted off like a sleeping sheep.

Thank you to Liam, George, Kasper, Cerys, Arlo, Noah and Sofia B

This should be enough Esther thought to herself as she carefully selected her treasures and got to work. Esther placed the umbrella in it’s new home and it blossomed like a flower, she gracefully hung an ornamental bird on the edge of its petals. Leaving her most prized discovery until last, she balanced it upon her rusty can filled with holes above a flickering candle. Perfect she proudly reflected. Esther gazed in amazement at her amazing decorations and marvelled as a magical universe spread all around her. The trillions of stars danced.  

Thank you to Hannah, Izzy, Phoebe H, Tilly, Ailana, Arlo, Idris and Matthew

Esther stared, wide-eyed with wonder.  She watched as shadows and lights danced across the ceiling.  Her mouth dropped open and she gasped at the candle light;  her eyes wandering merrily around her glorious tent; how it had changed!  She put her hands together and said a silent prayer.  Blissful peace floated over her. The moon laughed with the stars as the old woman grinned at her own galaxy.  The dump seemed to have changed too; it wasn’t a place you threw your unwanted objects; it was now a place things went to be re-used, loved again and given a purpose.  Esther sat back in her chair with pride.  It goes to show that anywhere can be a home as long as there is heart.



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