School Story Number Three – Where the Horizon Melts

Thank you to Cypress, Betty, William, Phoebe R, Archie HV, Arlo and Noah.

In Australia on what was supposed to be a normal day deep down in the clear blue sea, Bubbles swam to his favourite place to chill in the ocean, where the coral swished from side to side. His chill space had a little old plane that had been destroyed but looked great in the luxurious blue sea that shimmered like a thousand diamonds. Bubbles loved to play at being a pilot moving the control stick from left to right. All of a sudden, an unexpected, dark, creepy shadow travelled across the water and scared him out of his scales. He looked at the bottom of the shadow, it was the same shape of his playground! A curious Bubbles stuck his head out of the glistening sea to see what caused the frightening shadow. A big plane whooshed past he goes back to the bottom of the ocean.


Thank you to Hannah, Betty, Lily, Bella, Matthew, Scarlett and Wilf

Bubbles got up to the surface just in time to see a sea plane disappear behind the gigantic rocks. Curiously swimming around the jagged, rocky island Bubbles was startled to find an aeroplane bobbing in the water. He looked at it suspiciously then dove under water, being sure to swim slowly and silently to avoid being detected. Bubbles stared at the damaged plane, crashed behind the sun glowing peak,  whilst he peeped over a chocolate-brown ledge. He saw an exhausted aviator staggering out of the wreckage.. Danni stood on the deserted rocky Island, “Oh no how am I ever going to fix this before it gets too dark?” she pondered as her heart snapped. “I am going to be stuck here!” The brave bold aviator reached inside and grabbed her tool box in an attempt to fix her only chance of survival. The small enterprising fish watched as she stood there moaning helplessly. Bubbles wanted to help the aviator but he didn’t know what to do to impress Danni.  He felt very surprised to know that another plane had crashed there.


Thank you to Willow, Honey, Charlie C, Ffion, Oscar, Piper, Sofia B, Oakley Hughes, 

How long am I going to be stranded here? thought the Aviator. Danni was mending her plane when a shock from the electrics pulsed through her. ‘’I hate this place!’’ said Danni forlornly shouting into the void. Her boots stumbled over the rock. The screwdriver flung out of her hand in desperation. It plopped into the Ocean. A defeated aviator carried on with her work helplessly unaware of how far from home she was. Danni looked back at the sea, completely oblivious to her cute little spectator already on his way to retrieve the screwdriver like a faithful god fetching a stick. He wiggled his fins as fast as he could chasing the important piece of equipment. As the fish swam to the edge of the water the sun shone on him and it made him look as yellow and shiny as a freshly picked pineapple. ‘’How did this get back here?’’ said Danni with surprise. Unfettered Danni carried on trying even though she was hot and exhausted.


Thank you to Honey, Charlie M, Roxy, Kasper and Ellie

What was that? Thought Danni after hearing a sound on the metal wind of the plane. She swivelled around to see what could have made the noise out in the deserted ocean but as quick as lightning Bubbles evacuated the scene. She couldn’t believe it. Where might this have come from? How did that get there she thought puzzled and bemused. Her mouth dropped wide open. Danni wondered how it must have gotten there, she murmured under her breath. She just kept staring at it puzzled. After several minutes Danni managed to look up, she skimmed the ocean and horizon to see what put it there.. The sea stretched endlessly before her eyes so she thought she would never see the thing that brought up the screw driver. The scorching sun was impatiently burning her back she could feel the sweat dripping down her back and seeping into her clothes. Danni just shrugged, picked up the screw driver. Holding the screwdriver tightly in her hand she looked all around her but there was nothing that would explain the mystery of the returned precious tool. Danni felt so lucky and carried on with her work. It wasn’t long before sweat dripped down her forehead like the Niagara falls, she felt so hot that it gave her a headache, but she didn’t care. She just wanted to get back to her cosy safe home. She gave up and slouched against the plane and started sulking in her lap, she said, ‘’Oh what’s the point it’s hopeless,’’ with tears streaming down her cheeks.

Thank you to Liam, Cerys, Hettie, Oakley, Phoebe R, Ed, Bailey, Levi

The suffocating sizzling sun shone down on the aviator, red hot rays of scorching sunlight dived down onto Danni as if it was a wave crashing around her. As if things couldn’t get any worse, Danni twisted and turned  the spanner and the bolt and her hope snapped in half before her very eyes.  Shocked and in despair. Danni slid down her plane and onto her bottom, she slumped down slowly in a heap of sorrow.  As the sadness of Danni’s tears slid into the joyful ocean the sea started to feel the pain. The canteen was drip, drop dripping drops of water into the ocean. Meanwhile, under the ocean, Bubbles busied himself searching for something to replace the broken bolt. He darted to the surface. Glancing curiously up from her knees she saw a splash from the deep, dark depths. Danni was miserable until she heard some bubbles!


Thank you to to Hannah, Lily, George, Bella, Oakley H, Matthew, Noah. 

What is this, Danni thought to herself as the bolt came into view? She could not believe what she was seeing, a new bolt? how is this possible she thought. Danni held it up to her heart and put the screw into the engine. Just then she saw Bubbles at the wing’s edge staring at her,How did Bubbles get his tiny fins on such a bolt. It was then Danni realised she had a guardian angel in the form of a tiny orange fish. Without a moment’s hesitation, Danni picked up the bolt, and with a renewed energy set about fixing the engine. “I thought you could help me explore?” He wailed silently but she forgot about him again because she was too busy, she didn’t even give her rescuer a second thought. It dawned on Bubbles that although he had done a good deed, and Danni could now fix the plane and leave the island, that he would be left all alone. Bubbles did not want to be left alone. He wanted someone to play and be with. Filled with disappointment and sadness, Bubbles sank to the bottom of the gloomy, cold, miserable, melancholy water.  bubbles, small and alone, searched under the choppy, grey waves,  He would have to come round to the idea of being left alone again. Bubbles slowly swam away to his submarine, very disheartened. He had always wanted to fly. As he lay slumped over the control stick, fins drooped, he thought of all the moments he had spent playing and practicing flying his own airplane. Everything around him now seemed dark and gloomy. Suddenly Bubbles heard the roar of the engines starting up and looked towards the surface. Bubbles felt sad that she should be leaving soon. Danni had fixed the engine. Bubbles heard and darted to the top of the water to investigate. 


Thank you to Tilly, Kianna, Antonia, Ailana, Phoebe G, Levi, Idris, Scarlett, Clara

The engine pulsed like the trembling of Vesuvius just before it exploded. Bubbles thought the his stomach rumbled as the planes engine started. Dani  felt like she’d just won all the chocolate in the world. She slammed down the door of the engine.  The Piolet had won.  Won the endless battle.  The waves played merrily like lion cubs and the light shuffled and vaulted like a gymnast along the water’s surface,  as the victorious aviator leaped back on her heels and gazed out over the deserted ocean. The sunset was as bright, as bright as an orange flower, a Marigold.  Suddenly, Bubbles started jumping in and out of the water, trying desperately to be noticed.  Danny leaned down on one knee as if she was proposing to her new friend.  Bubbles, with his big watery eyes, was feeling anxious. He put his fins on his little mouth, hoping against hope that she would understand that he wanted to go with her.  Bubbles had longed for a friend for so long, he couldn’t bear to lose Danny so soon.  The pilot stood up and disappeared into the plane, which was rattling away.  The small fish’s heart slipped down into his fins and into the sea. Bubbles felt alone and sad because he thought Danni was leaving him forever. Danni was gone. But Bubbles was wrong.

Thank you to Izzy, Luca, Kasper, Devlyn, Vinnie and Aaliyah

As Bubbles jumped around in circles to get Danni’s attention, eventually she returned with a jar and scooped Bubbles up. Danni placed Bubbles right at the front of the plane so he could see all of his dreams coming true, he was feeling very happy and proud. After
experiencing the most empty and lonely feeling he could have ever imagined, Bubbles
transformed into the happiest creature on the planet. From the comfort of a cosy jar of
seawater, the sound of the propeller made him feel more alive than he had ever felt. The
rotors whirled wildly, his fins swayed in the warm evening sun, he felt invigorated. The plane flew high up into the stunningly clear blue sky, with the cool breeze brushing over his soft orange scales, Bubbles was perched closely next to his new best friend and they flew into the sunset over the horizon and lived happily ever after, The pair knew they couldn’t have done it without each other and will never forget how it all began.

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