History and Geography

History and Geography

Many of our units of work are driven by the humanities - history and geography.

We recognise that although we want our children to develop the subject specific skills of these subjects – to be historians and to learn how our earth works – we also want our children to recognise the links between these subjects and how to understand one can help us to further our understanding of the other.

An essential aspect of our teaching of the humanities is that we make meaningful links to our local area – our local history of mining, the Romans, the Georgians and the impact of the second World war and the geography of our local area such as rivers and canals and how this impacted local industry and trade. We enrich our topics with trips and visitors and make links with personal family histories and links as far as possible.

History at Shoscombe

Geography at Shoscombe

History National Curriculum Programmes of Study

Geography National Curriculum Programmes of Study

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